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【摘要】:词义猜测专项练习_英语第三节 词义猜测专项练习练习1:请找出和画线单词意思相同的选项。

第三节 词义猜测专项练习


1.James had not studied,so he wrote down the information on his desk.When the teacher passed by his desk during the test,James used his hand to conceal what he had written___.

A.know  B.see  C.hide

2.Everyone agreed that the woman in the photo was gorgeous.It was easy to see why she had won the beauty contest___.

A.angry  B.beautiful  C.careful

3.When the man put his gun in my face and asked for my money,my hands began to tremble___.

A.fall off  B.shake  C.feel

4.He is a courteous young man.He always says“please and thank you”and respects older people___.

A.polite  B.short  C.smart

5.Mary cannot speak English very well,and this hinders her chances of getting a good job___.

A.allows  B.hurts  C.includes

6.When the child in the store accidentally knocked the dish from the table,it fell to the floor and shattered___.

A.broke  B.jumped  C.upset

7.The menu includes beverages such as coffee,tea,and ice water___.

A.drinks  B.hot drinks  C.low price food

8.Many factors can disrupts a person’s work:illness,family problems,machines that break down,and so on.Only in a perfect world would there be nothing to bother or interfere with our work___.

A.upset  B.improve  C.aid

9.This kind of flower thrives in this area because the weather is warm,the soil is excellent,and there is a lot of rain___.

A.grows well  B.makes few flowers  C.dies

10.Tuck your shirt inside your trousers;it looks most untidy hanging out like that___.

A.put on  B.take out  C.hide


1.Grounded whales often struggle fruitlessly,to reenter deep water___.

A.violently  B.desperately

C.in vain   D.at length

2.A number of loopholes still remain in the campaign contribution law___.

A.unprofitable sections    B.illogical contradictions

C.descriptions for cheating  D.ways of evading rules

3.A darkened sky in the daytime is usually an indication that a storm is imminent___.

A.about to take place   B.close by

C.expected to be severe  D.possibly coming

4.Only sovereign states are able to make treaties___.

A.constitutional  B.powerful

C.legitimate    D.independent

5.The 1960’s saw a change in the form and content of movies,treating subjects that for so many years were considered taboo___.

A.unpleasant  B.prohibited

C.unethical   D.worthless

6.If a foreign object becomes lodged in the eye,medical help is necessary___.

A.deposited in  B.blurry to

C.invisible to  D.isolated in

7.Soils are renewable resources that support all mankind___.

A.gentlemen   B.humans

C.structures  D.culture

8.These scissors are blunt and cannot cut paper___.

A.weak  B.broken

C.dull  D.rough

9.The new ruler of the nation carefully handpicked his chief officials___.

A.removed    B.managed

C.instructed  D.selected

10.Calipers are instruments that can be used to gauge the distance between two surfaces___.

A.create  B.measure

C.fill   D.enclose


1.Experts in kinesics,in their study of body motion as related to speech,hope to discover new methods of communication___.

A.the study of body motion  B.the study of history

C.the study of chemistry   D.the study of communication

2.Tom is a thief;he would pilfer the gold from his grandmother’s teeth and not feel guilty___.

A.take  B.rob  C.steal  D.fetch

3.Unlike his brother,who is truly a handsome person,Adam is quite ill-favored___.

A.ugly  B.good-looking  C.pretty  D.attractive

4.Usually if restaurant food is poorly prepared,I don’t criticize the waiter.In stead,I reprimand the manager___.

A.speak to  B.complain to  C.abuse  D.criticize formally

5.Hotels and restaurants are an integral part of the city,without them the city’s tourist industry could not exist___.

A.additional  B.essential  C.accommodating  D.commercial

6.It is absurd to spend more money on highways.The wise solution for overcrowded road is public transportation___.

A.ridiculous  B.wise  C.difficult  D.necessary

7.The tired soldiers trudged through knee-deep mud for hours before they found a dry place to sleep___.

A.walked quickly  B.walked slowly  C.strode  D.marched

8.The following Monday,when the president convened the second meeting of the committee,we all sat down quietly and waited for him to begin___.

A.prepared  B.called together  C.spoke at  D.canceled

9.The man was so jealous of his wife that he would not allow her to talk to other men___.

A.afraid  B.trustful  C.suspicious  D.hateful

10.There are times when one wants to be surrounded by people,and there are times when one needs solitude___.

A.to be alone  B.to be cheerful  C.company  D.calm

11.“When making this mixture,”the man said,“you don’t need two teaspoons of salt,because one teaspoon is sufficient___.”

A.less  B.enough  C good  D.not enough

12.Mother was tall,fat,and middle aged.The principal of the school was an old woman,almost as chubby as mother,and much shorter___.

A.tall  B.fat  C.thin  D.slim

13.The major points of your plan are clear tome,but the details are still hazy___.

A.not clear  B.well-organized  C.very long  D.very clear

14.The worker’s lives were wretched;they worked from morning to night in all kinds of weather,earning only enough money to buy their simple food and cheap clothes___.

A.happy  B.interesting  C.miserable  D.dull

15.Smith was proud of the neat rows of marigolds in his flower beds which he tended with great care___.

A.a type of bush  B.a type of tree  C.a type of grass  D.a type of flower

16.On the whole,men told a higher position in society than women.Because of this status,men enjoymore power than women___.

A.position  B.location  C.attitude  D.behavior

17.A personal prestige often depends on his title or profession.For example,in many countries,doctors and lawyers are greatly admired___.

A.name  B.reputation  C.occupation  D.power

18.There seems to be a correlation between one’s sex and one’s status in society.On the whole,men enjoy higher status than women___.

A.person’s authority  B.person’s altitude  C.natural or close relation  D.natural phenomena

19.Most women’s clothing is made without pockets.As a result,women are forced to carry their belongings in the purse___.

A.pocket  B.sack  C.suitcase  D.handbag

20.Despite the fact that women often make valuable contribution,they have not been able to attain the same social and economic status as men___.

A.become  B.achieve  C.surpass  D.understand


1.Many businessmen act on intuition,which is immediate understanding of a situation without consciously thinking about it___.

A.Intuition requires time for careful study.

B.Intuition is a quick response to a situation.

C.If person acts on intuition,he has thought a good deal about what he is going to do.

2.The engineers set up a cofferdam,which is a temporary watertight structure,to change the course of the river while they built the foundation of the bridge___.

A.A cofferdam is a protection for a bridge.

B.A cofferdam keeps water out of a working area.

C.A cofferdam is a dam that protects lowlands from flooding by a river.

3.The horizon,where the earth seems to meet the sky,seems far away in the clear mountain air___.

A.You can see the horizon only straight ahead of you.

B.You can’t see the horizon on a dark night.

C.Anything on the horizon looks very large.

4.Green and blue are restful hues that tend to fade in the sun light___.

A.A hue is a color.

B.Purple and gray are not hues.

C.Sunshine is a hue.

5.Before receiving a license to practice,a doctor must spend at least a year as an intern working in a hospital under supervision of experienced physicians and surgeons___.

A.An intern is not a doctor.

B.An intern can sat up his own office and practice medicine in a community.

C.An intern is a doctor who serves as a student or apprentice in a hospital.

6.The economy of a nation,which is its system of producing,distributing,and consuming wealth,depends upon the energy and good sense of its people___.

A.A presidential election is partof our economy.

B.A Snowstorm is part of our economy.

C.Farming is part of our economy.

7.In this season,the prevailing winds,those usually blowing from the same direction,come from the west___.

A.When you speak of the direction from which winds usually blow,you speak of prevailing winds.

B.The strongest winds in an area are its prevailing winds.

C.A prevailing wind is one that destroys everything in its path.

8.Dr.Barnard was a member of an agricultural mission to India,a group of experts on better farming methods___.

A.A mission is a group of immigrants.

B.A mission is a group of tourists.

C.A mission is a group sent abroad to provide help to a foreign country.

9.The theme of a story,which is its central meaning,expresses the author’s point of view about life___.

A.The theme is what happens to the characters.

B.The theme is the underlying meaning of what happens in a story.

C.The theme of a story is the way it turns out.

10.Weather experts say that a drought is imminent,likely to occur at any time this year or next___.

A.An imminent danger is one close at hand.

B.If a drought is imminent,it will not occur for many years.

C.An imminent drought is not very serious.

练习5:Read each paragraph to find the meaning of the italicized word.Decide which of the possible meanings below the paragraph fits the word.

1.Scientists from fields as different as physiology and oceanography have reasology and oceanography have reasofects upon people.To do this they sometimes construct an anechoic chamber.Every square inch of the room—floor,wails,and ceiling—is covered with rugs or heavy pads.

In such a room you cannot hear a proverbial pin drop;you couldn’t hear a siren wail.No noise from the outside can be heard.If there were any noise on the inside you could not hear it.There are no echoes because all sound is absorbed by the rugs and hangings.

Anechoic means____.

A.heavily padded


C.free from sound or echo

2.Charles Goodyear discovered the secret of making rubber when a few drops of a mixture he was working with fell on a hot stove.Alexander Fleming discovered the effects of penicillin when he happened to take a second look at a glass slide he was about to throw away.Modern technology owes much to such instances of Serendipity.The term comes from the title of a fairy tale“The Three Princes of Serendip”,in which the princes made happy discoveries in a similar manner.

Serendipity means____.

A.making discoveries through experiments

B.making discoveries through chance or accident

C.making discoveries by taking a second look

3.It was once thought that the earth’s crust is continuous,existing in one unbroken sheet of rock.Recent studies of the structure of the crust seem to show that it is composed of a number of gigantic plates which are in constant motion.The continents(the land surfaces)ride securely attached to the plates.These studies,known as tectonics,show that the coast of California is gradually pushing northward and that the Indian subcontinent is pushing up against southern Asia,thus forcing the Himalaya mountains higher and higher.Research on how the earth’s surface is put together has led scientists to believe that all the continents were at one time a single mass.

Tectonics deals with_______.

A.the structure of the earth’s crust

B.the techniques by which plates in the earth’s surface were made

C.prediction of earthquakes



1.C  2.B  3.B  4.A  5.B  6.A  7.A  8.A  9.A  10.C


1.C  2.D  3.A  4.D  5.B  6.A  7.B  8.C  9.D  10.B


1.D  2.C  3.A  4.D  5.B  6.A  7.B  8.B  9.C  10.A

11.B  12.B  13.A  14.C  15.D  16.A  17.B  18.C  19.D  20.B


1.B  2.B  3.B  4.A  5.C  6.C  7.A  8.C  7.B  10.A


1.C  2.B  3.A